Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Mystery of Bees

June 3rd saw the first bee on the lavender I planted underneath my window. There are two bushes, planted in 2007 and I have been watching them grow and flower since the end of March. Now, while I eat my breakfast, I have the pleasure of watching the bees come and go. It is fascinating to watch as the honey bees land on a newly opened lavendcr flower and the stalk bends under its weight.

The bee moves from flower to flower, collecting pollen and delighting me, at the same time. Occasionally, the bee bumps heavily against the window pane, unaware of the presence of the glass. He cares nothing for the Sweet Williams, gloriously rich in hues, from dark red to purple, pink and right through to the purest white. It is the lavender he wants, in its luminous splendour.

I reflected on the bee, content to go about his daily work, content to be what he is, a collector of pollen. If only we could be content with the simple things in life and not desire to be better than we are. I wonder where my bee goes when he has collected all the pollen from my lavender flowers? If pollen means happiness for him, then he must surely be satiated and drunk with the pleasure of life.

Maybe tomorrow, I will see two bees on my lavender?

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  1. My bees were buzzing around the nepeta (catmint) today. Did you know that bees can taste through their feet? They are so well-made for their task.

    And I hope your bees multiply!


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