Friday, 5 June 2009

A full moon in June!

Sunday 7th June is a full moon - the strong sun moon of June. Perhaps I will get to charge up my spring water this time! Last time I didn't see the moon because she hid her beauty behind a cloud all evening. I got so tired from waiting that I fell asleep and missed my chance. June is a wonderful month, offering a brief respite from planting and harvesting. It is a time to enjoy the better weather and get out and about.

When the full moon comes up on Sunday, find some time to worship her beauty, seeing in what she represents, the loving, caring mother figure, someone who will watch over you. Someone you can tell your troubles to; someone who is consistent in your life.

On this lovely summer evening, take a dark bowl of water out into the moonlight, if you can and watch the moon's reflection in it. Why not think up a magic circle around yourself as you do it. This will protect you from any unwelcome forces and fill your mind with happy thoughts.

If you felt like it, you could put on a dark cloak for protection and to help you to raise some power, assisting you to blend into the night. Witches do not draw attention to themselves when working.

June is a good time for weddings to take place. If you know of anyone who is getting married at this time, it would be appropriate to give voice to your best wishes for them.

You could say the following words, whilst standing in the moonlight:

In this night and at this hour
I call upon the moon's great power.
Great Goddess of the Moon
Queen of every realm
Lady of infinite destiny,
Protectress and Mother of Witches
I call upon your wisdom
To pierce through the night
Cast upon me, your servant,
Your loving grace.
The enchantment has begun
From the heavens the power will come.

Credit: Llewelyn's Datebook for 2009

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