Saturday, 20 June 2009

Midsummer's Eve

The summer solstice, which starts tonight and continues tomorrow, is the time to weave flowers in your hair and dance the day away.

Now is the time for me to use my holy, spring water, collected in April and blessed at the last full moon, to good effect. The summer has begun and my flowers are ready to be sprinkled. It is also a good time to bless my pets, offering to them, my love and devotion in return for the pleasure they bring to me.

Wiccans can light a fire in their cauldrons, ready for the jumping o'er tonight.

This is a magickal night indeed; a holiday for the faery folk. Watch them dance in their circles on the stroke of midnight and remember to leave them something to take away, a cupcake perhaps, or a new pair of shoes?

At this time of year, the sun is at his strongest, but from tomorrow onwards, he will begin to lose his strength as the oak king prepares to give way to the holly king.

This is an excellent time to lay out a summer love garden, using seedlings prepared in the spring. Favourites of mine have to be lavender and rosemary and roses, of course. If you only have room for pots, then make your pots as attractive as possible, choosing pretty colours and decorating them with coloured ribbons and glass jewels.

At the stroke of midnight, go out into your garden, quietly and pick a white rose. Do this in secret. Clasp the rose to your bosom and make a wish for happiness in love. Now take the rose indoors and wrap it up carefully - in white tissue paper. Place it into a white shoe box and keep it til Yule (21st December). When that day comes, pin the rose to your outfit and you may receive a declaration of love before that day is out.

Midsummer is an important time to send prayers for the earth to the Sun. The earth has been planted and is ready to provide. We await the harvest. Light your beacon fires and make offerings to the Sun God, by which ever name is right for you. I will choose Lugh, the Celtic Sun God. Pray for an abundance of love, peace and food over all the earth.

What is your prayer for tomorrow going to be? Let's join hands and make those prayers come true.
Bibliography: Titania's Book of Hours and Titania's Enchanted


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