Monday, 29 March 2010


Ostara Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

We are nearly finished with March now.  It is going out with a storm moon tonight. We are finally saying goodbye to our long, long winter but we still have to watch out for some very strong winds and stormy conditions.  I am always tempted to put on lighter clothes on the first warm day in March, but have to tell myself to wait. It is wiser to wear layers at this time of year because it is possible to go through several changes of clothes before the day is out.

March is all about change and it certainly affects our pysche. Do you feel like a change? Perhaps you are feeling that you should be moving house or changing your job or your car?  Maybe you want to start a family or try out a new adventure.

We all need change in our lives in order to grow.  We don't grow if we stand still.

In the Wiccan calendar we have just passed Ostara.  This ancient pagan festival was overlaid by the Christians who changed its name to Easter.  They have adopted several pagan ideas, like the Easter Bunny to add to their own celebrations.  To Wiccans it is more about hares.  Hares are magical creatures and make wonderful familiars, if you can get to use one.  They have a very knowing look in their eyes, not at all like the cute Easter Bunnies we have got so used to seeing at this time of year.