Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Imbolg is a winter cross quarter festival. It is the time when the earth begins to wake up. Bulbs are beginning to shoot and the first snowdrops appear.

It is the time when we celebrate the maiden aspect of the Goddess.

At this time of the year people start to become restless, thinking about ways they can change their lives for the better and grow within themselves. We are all affected by the shift in the earth energy.

A good way to celebrate is with candles, lots of them. I choose white and red candles to put on the altar. You can do it too. Light the candles (mind the cat!) and meditate on new beginnings, both by clearing out old negative thoughts and by planning to try new adventures.

The celebration of Imbolg, which literally means 'in the belly' is sacred to Brigid, goddess of smithcraft, poetry and healing. Think about Brigid in her forge, welcoming you in with a wonderful smile and helping you to plant new seeds of positivity in your life today.

You may have noticed that the days have just begun to lengthen, so you could turn your mind to setting a few seeds in a pot. Nurture the seeds as they grow and at the same time, nurture positive thoughts in your head as you do it.

Have a great Imbolg.