Monday, 2 January 2012


Yuletide is the time of the 13th moon, the Elder Moon.  It is time for us to say 'thank you' and to give back to the spirit of the world.  We now arrive full circle at thirteen - the Witches number - corresponding to the elder moon, the moon of completion, covering the period from late November to late December.  This brings us to a chapter of many blessings - the finishing touch to all magic, for fullest power.

Much of this magic concerns saying 'thank you' when magic-making has produced good effect.  Once your wish has been granted, it is good manners to thank the powers that be for turning your mental strength into material manifestation.  The blessings might include the extras in life, such as money superfluous to real requirements, or an extra child, or some other additional bounty.  

All things have their time and place and this kind of magic is as important as any other, for example the letting go of hostility.

We must learn to recognize the cycle of death and rebirth:  after this, the individual has completed all life's lessons and should practise them for the benefit of all.

From Titania's book of white magic.

So while we are busy with New Year's resolutions and promises to be better people etc., let's take a moment to count our blessings and be thankful for what we do have in our lives and for the better parts of our own personalities.

I hope you like looking at my beautiful fairy house. There is a place inside for the fairy to live and she/he is welcome to stay as long as she/he wishes.