Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Imbolg -Candlemas

For me the worst months of the year are November and February because they are dark and cold and the days are long -  but in February Wicca brings us Candlemas.

The joy of lighting candles is a pleasure at all times of the year, but especially in the winter.  I light candles to bring light into my world and also to practise magic.  Candles are a wonderful way to focus my thoughts and light the path into that other world where the sun is always shining and only happy clouds hang in the sky.

February 2nd is Candlemas, also known as Imbolg.  It is a time when new life is quickening.

In the northern hemisphere, where I live and in the Celtic lands in particular, this time of the year belongs to Brigit, the triple goddess of inspiration and poetry, smith craft and healing.

Winter is slowing changing into Spring - in Wicca the crone face of the goddess is becoming the maiden again.  Age is giving way to youth.

In your own life it is a wonderful time to buy a new outfit.  Buy it for the person you are now, not the person you were ten years ago.

Look in your garden for signs of new life.  You may be able to see snowdrops popping up and the tips of daffodil bulbs breaking through the soil.

Light candles in your home, choosing spring colours of green, white and yellow and enjoy the new scents they bring.  They will make you feel good and bring light and refreshment to your home.

I wish you a wonderful Candlemas, bursting with new life, inspirations and ideas.