Monday, 14 September 2009


We are coming up to the harvest time and the culmination of the sunny part of the year. I can feel the change in the weather can't you? The wind is blowing stronger and the sun is losing some of its strength. Soon we will be entering the darker part of the year. Already the nights come sooner and the mornings are darker when I rise.

Before we say goodbye to summer we have one last thing to do and that is a celebration. We have one last chance to see the Sun King in all his splendour, adorned with the harvest fruits and flowers in all their abundance. He will leave in a flourish of glory as he hands over to the Oak King who will guard the Goddess through the long winter nights.

This is also the time of the Vine moon and a good time to make binding spells, holding the important things in your life together. Don't be afraid to let go of the old but be ready to embrace the new. A time for collecting up and holding close, a gathering time and a time for cleaning and sweeping your house clear of clutter.

It is also time for me to buy a new broom!