Friday, 17 December 2010

Hearth and Home

When frost is hanging cobwebs with pearls and diamonds, we seek out a warm fire within.

'Fire may have been the first magic that our ancestors discovered. Down through the ages it has become a focal point of our lives and culture. In ancient times the hearth formed the center of the home, where people cooked food, washed clothes and gathered to socialize.  Today, many homes still have a fireplace or a woodstove and the hearth remains an important part of our magical and spiritual practices.'
Elizabeth Barrette

The 21st December is Yule, the midwinter solstice and the night of the Long Nights Moon, a magical time indeed.

How will you be celebrating?

It is a good time to look back on the year and all the things you have done with your life. Could you improve yourself for when the wheel moves around?

Although the flowers and bulbs are sleeping, there is still plenty of greenery with which to decorate your home.  Holly and ivy, laurel and dogwood stems - all very colourful and sweet smelling.

I love candles and will be dotting them around my home to bring light into dark corners. As I watch them burn down, I shall reflect on how I can bring light into the dark corners of someone else's life.

A very happy Yule to you all.  Blessed be.

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  1. Amazing shot of the cobweb. It truly looks like pearls & diamonds hanging from it. A girls best friend.
    Your Holly tree also looks grand with all the beautiful colours. We are buried with 3 feet of snow so all our shrubs are hibernating till Spring.


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