Sunday, 1 August 2010


The beginning of August celebrates the first of the three harvests, Lammas. It is a time for celebrations and the playing of traditional games.

I found this little video which illustrates this time of the year very well.

It is taken from the BBC serial, The Victorian Farm in which three intrepid volunteers, all experts in their own field (excuse the pun) live life as the Victorians did.


  1. Fascinating photos! And an excellent excerpt from the Victorian Farm series. But as I recall the harvesting did not go so well....

  2. Very interesting!Puts me in mind of Thomas Hardy's novels.

  3. My daughter is a Wiccan. It's so interesting. I love my daughter's life style. Very independent, my daughter. A beautiful old soul.

  4. Interesting indeed. BBC UK Radio 7 is serialising Thomas Hardy's novels at the present time. This is a well constructed blog. Thank you.


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