Saturday, 10 April 2010


A Pagan Prayer for Spring

I pray to you Demeter, to remind you of the spring,
for Persephone has come home to you,
your little girl, now a great queen.
Show us your joy, mother of grain,
at her home-coming.
Warm the Earth, make the ground soft,
so we may walk barefoot again in the grass
and plant the seeds that will grow all summer
until the harvest, when your full power will be known
and everyone will see what you have done.
But now it is the time to begin these great deeds.
Bring us the spring, that together we might produce the harvest.
Warm the Earth, that the plants might grow so we might display your gifts.
With your tears cried for happiness, melt away the winter's snow 
and nourish the waiting seeds.

Words taken from 'A Book of Pagan Prayer' by Ceisiwr Serith

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  1. classical and cool,
    loved this one!


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