Friday, 29 May 2009

For the morning

In the morning, everything is new.
The day's blank slate lies before me,
ready for my writing.
May it be words of beauty I write.
May it be deeds of grace I do.
May it be thoughts of joy I think.
All the Holy Ones, listen:
this is what I pray.

from: A Pagan Book of Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith


  1. It is a good thing you send out to the ether here may it be heard and granted.

    Is this the blog you post on mostly if so I would like to link it in my daily walks or whichever one you post most often on.

    Be Well


  2. Good morning Mark! This is a new Blog for me and I will be posting regularly on it, but only with the theme of Wicca and related naturalistic articles. You are most welcome to follow. Just click on the followers tab at the bottom on the right-hand side or drop a comment now and then so I know you're listening.
    Blessings, Star


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